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Colors of Love 🎨

Happy Holi, Happy International Women’s Day. This is a large (13x15 inches) thick (one inch) piece filled with many transparent colors and much symbolism. Celebrating equality and the triumph of love for the Indian festival of Holi, both welcoming spring and also honoring true love.

When Krishna, who had been poisoned and turned blue, worried his true love and fair skinned Radha would reject him, playfully threw paint at her to show skin color doesn’t matter. This also reflects Dolly Parton’s coat of many colors, and her rags to riches story for International Women’s Day. The piece is made of many squares, the symbol of stability and a strong foundation in sacred geometry. The photo on the right gives you a better sense of the depth of the colors. The third photo is me celebrating Holi in India three years ago.


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