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Fun with Glass Enamels!

What a wonderful time at Cheryl Chapman's kiln formed glass class, "Reverse Glass Painting", at Weisser Studios in Kensington, Maryland.  We used E-Z fire glass enamels to create black outlines of the major shapes.  The drawings are done in reverse because the piece is fired upside down, allowing the black outlines to be on top in the final piece.   This was followed with a wash and scraping off designs using a sgrafitto technique, scraping away the glass enamel and leaving designs and patterns. Then we added glass enamel colors.   

Here are pictures of my cow, fox, and deer -- the initial pieces with black lines; a photo of the cow upside down showing what will be come the bottom layer of color; and photos of the fired pieces.  They still need to have the final firing and slumping in shallow bowl molds.  So many possibilities!  


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