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Finding my flow with real Stardust!

7 billion-year-old Stardust found in a massive rocky meteorite that struck our planet in Australia half a century ago.  This is the oldest solid material ever found on Earth.  the material, called presolar grains-minerals, formed before the Sun was born.  "They're solid samples of stars, real stardust," said Philipp Heck, the associate professor at the University of Chicago, and lead author on a paper about this discovery. These grains are formed when a star dies, and gives us a lot of information about the time before the start of the Solar System, in a period of enhanced star formation in our galaxy seven billion years ago. This fits in nicely with my latest glasswork.  I started with a flow piece, made by stacking a lot of different pieces and firing them so they "flow" and fill up a box shape in the kiln. Then I sawed that piece up into nine individual pieces, and framed them with transparent turquoise.  This final piece is in the black stand.  Both remind me of the flow in our galaxy and continuous movements throughout the universe.


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