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Glass Mandala and Vase Header

Glass Mandala and Vase Header

Kiln-Formed Glass Artwork by:

Karen Lerohl Wilson

"I am inspired by the versatility of glass and glass as a connecting medium, a healing medium, something that builds a community of caring among artists and audiences. I love to combine shapes, colors, textures of glass in as many directions as there are stars in the sky – from funky and silly to graceful and serene.


I think of glass as stardust, as being made from tiny specks of sand that the universe brings together limited only by the artist’s imagination. There are unlimited techniques in kiln-formed glass. Anything you can imagine you can do with kiln-formed glass. This inspired me to establish Stardust Artworks® for learning, teaching, healing, creating and building community with kiln-formed glass. 



-Karen Wilson​

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