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1000's of Pieces - Together Creating Beauty ❤️

My heart is aching over the violent protests in our Nation’s Capitol. I am sharing my latest glass art, still cooling in the kiln, with its symbolism of integrity, solid foundations, and interconnections.

The colors are warm, primarily red, yellow and orange, for strength, optimism, health, and vitality. The geometric shapes include: the triangle, with three representing the Trinity, the vibration of the Ascended Masters; the four sided square and trapezoid, for order in the universe, the four Noble Truths; a hexagon, with six being the number of perfection, the six days of creation; and another eight pointed star, a lucky number in Buddhism with the eight petals of the lotus, an important number in achieving balance, redemption and regeneration—eternity, the gate to the cosmos and the earth.

I pray that goodness, truth, oneness and order will prevail and bring our country together again.


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